Activism Log


AVFM Forum Moderator (April 7, 2013 to July 1, 2013)

  • Enforced AVFM policy in the AVFM forums

AVFM Asst. System Administrator (July 21, 2013 to Present)

  • Assist primary sysadmin
  • Server maintenance, security and troubleshooting

President of KSU Men (Nov. 6, 2013 to Present)

  • Coordinate officer activity
  • Lead local activists in the Kennesaw, GA area to reverse gynocentric policies

AVFM Director of Collegiate Activism (Nov. 10, 2013 to Present)

  • Act as liaison to college students participating in men’s rights activism


  • Map the Money – Documentation on transactions and financial statuses of organizations operating in the interests of feminism.
  • Excavator – A federal data reporting tool specializing in data on sexual demographics.
  • KSU Men – A student organization on Kennesaw State University concerning itself with issues facing men and boys.


  • AVoiceForMen: Member, Editor, Contributor, Asst. System Administrator (December 2012 -> present)
  • National Coalition for Men: NCFM-U participant

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