KSUM Commons Table Report

KSUM Table in front of the Commons
KSUM Table in front of the Commons

I sat out in front of the KSU Commons from 9 AM to 1:30 PM EST greeting everyone that walked by. It was hard work selling the group, but I got a lot of positive feedback. A woman from KSU’s Women in Technology even approached the table and said right out, “I am glad this group exists, what can I do to promote it?”

I now know for a fact there are people who want men’s rights on Kennesaw State University.

Some men were enthused enough to run off with a bunch of handouts to tell their friends. No one seemed to have trouble being recorded. Sadly, the GOPRO died in the middle of one video and I do not think the video was properly saved. I ended up with much more audio data than video data, so it is impossible to build one cohesive video. I have to spend some time looking at how to best present a status report up to this date since the footage is fragmented and out of sync with different audio recordings.

So, smooth sailing so far. I have freedom to record on campus as long as I have my little warning sign up.

The second table will be put up at the Social Sciences building, but the timeline is to be determined.

Thanks again to my donors and supporters. I am doing my best to get the MHRM integrated here in my part of the world, and your support helps make it happen.


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