KSU Men Fundraiser

I have just started a fundraiser to raise $500 for a KSU Men promotion on A Voice For Men at 9:34 AM EST. As of 4:40 PM EST that same day, $515 was raised. My gratitude goes out to all of the donors concerned about the issues facing men and boys. As it stands now, I am waiting on Paypal to clear a transfer to the bank before going out to pick up the materials listed on the fundraiser page:

  1. 250 two-sided color handouts [Front][Back]. $165 (Quote from local printer).
  2. A custom tablecloth to make the table easy to spot. $220 (Verbal quote from same print shop).
  3. A GOPRO 2 chest mount. Frees hands to work with paper. This is also less annoying than pointing a phone camera at people at all times. The mount makes the camera harder to grab or break in case someone decides to get physical. $40.
  4. Petrol, shipping and processing fees: $75

If you are a donor to KSUM, please follow this blog. I will be publishing receipts and videos to prove that the funds were being used exactly as promised. Please also feel free to share your own perspectives on KSUM developments moving forward. I will be representing MHRA interests on the street, which means that your voice matters.

Thank you so much to A Voice For Men for endorsing the fund, and thank you to all MHRAs from around the world made this KSUM promotion possible!


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