Feminist Epistemology, School and Other B.S.

My new semester at college just started up, and that is currently taking a lot of of my time. I am also now one of the two system administrators for AVFM, so more time is dedicated towards helping polish the server.

What this means is that updates to my YT channel and MarZ will be pretty sparse and unpredictable, but enough time will be spent on KSUM to offer updates. I also found some good candidate APIs [1][2] for evaluation for Excavator, but of course, they are having internal issues and governments can’t be expected to fix them anytime soon.

In other news, I now have a snazzy new animation to use as an introduction to future videos. After Effects is proving to be easier to use than I first thought. I’ve started production of a criticism of feminist epistemology, and am targeting Feminist Standpoint Theory. It will be done when it will be done.

Thanks for following up. Tangotronics, motherfuckers.


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