Thank You, Manboobz

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Dearest Futrelle,

Our hearts and cocks swell gleefully with the transfused blood of the innocent thanks to your promotion of AVoiceForMen. You are truly a magnificent creature full of compassion to work so tirelessly to inform people of the MHRM, since we’ve had a disturbing lack of sex slaves. But objects shouldn’t need food, am I right? It was brilliant of you to appeal to the masses with your voluptuous boobs. Indeed, the beauty of the image is almost as great as your journalistic integrity. Seth Godin would be proud. We have members in our midst that joined our forums and started contributing to the MHRM after witnessing your passionate hand-flapping. One of our members actually never even heard of AVoiceForMen until you brought it up! You confirmed the age old suspicion of patriarchs that nothing could possibly go wrong with a good pair of boobs, especially on a well-fed gentlemen like yourself. We joke that we’ve been losing our sex slaves because you keep eating them all, but that distracts us from the good you’ve done for us. We don’t know exactly how many visitors we get from your site, but your infectious germalism is helping us further our cause to assist men and boys and doom women to another millennia of boot-licking. Because that’s obviously what we are about, right?

Sarcasm aside, both the men and women of the AVFM forums thank you for the traffic. We come to you not as representatives of AVFM, but appreciative beneficiaries of the platform. Thank you for finding us new barmates!

Strokes and pokes from AVFM Forums,
Reyeko, Victor Zen, AnAlias, Mr. Scruffles, heartless bastard

Thanks to Europa Pheonix for the illustration!


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