What “Mangina” Means

Some think “mangina” means “a man with feminine traits,” and accuse anyone who says “mangina” of indirectly insulting women by using femininity as a mark of shame. That is not what it means to many MHRAs, MGTOWs or others concerned about men and boys.

To a lot of us, a “mangina” is a philogynic misandrist. A man who puts women above men.

That’s it.

There is no intended insult to women in the word. It is an accusation of sexism directed at a man who would do anything for a woman, even if it means engaging in self-destructive behavior or selling out other men.

Do not misunderstand me when I say I hate the word, since I have zero intention to try to tell people what to say. The connotations “mangina” carries just makes people unwilling to listen to further criticisms. Even so, men who actively participate in the deification of women and the demonization of men perpetuate cultural misandry, and they can expect to be called out on their sexism. So me hating the word is irrelevant, since, like it or not, it is a useful warning to other MHRAs or MGTOWs in earshot that a philogynic misandrist is near.


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