We All Have Problems

Men and women suffer, but the harm of a woman sparks outrage, whereas the harm of a man stirs hesitant, obligatory moments of silence at best. Ideologies that advertise total gender egalitarianism like feminism have to scramble for justification when focusing on women. Earl Silverman tried and failed to open his shelter because a certain gender egalitarian ideology wasn’t fulfilling some pressing needs. Feminism crowns itself as queen of both women’s issues and men’s issues, then berates men for not doing enough to help themselves.

I wouldn’t be an MHRA if there was an organization out there that could help everyone, but the realities of conflicting interests and financial limitations make me gravitate towards specialists. I respect interest groups that work for the betterment of its target demographic without infringing on the rights of others. I can totally respect a women’s rights organization, but it first has to admit that it is one, and stop trying to play both sides of the fence when it does not make sense. Stop trying to save the world.

There are men who are hurting, and I am helping them however I can. In some ways, I hurt, and I want to help myself without being told to care more about women just because they are women. So if you tell me that women are hurting, I will simply say men are hurting too, and I am tending to those issues with what limited resources I have. All I can offer women are my sympathies, and a promise to not infringe on their own rights as human beings, which should be enough for them to fight their own fight. I advocate many women’s issues, including women in combat and the right to an abortion, but I can only be so active.

We all have problems. Stop trying to make me care less about mine.


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