Misandry Drinking Game

Gather 3-10 of your buddies, and turn a TV on to any channel with sitcoms or dramas. Make channel choice random within that scope.

1. When you see a man start seeking the approval of a woman, take a shot.
2. When you see a woman scold a man, take a shot.
3. When you see a guy get hit in the balls, take a shot.
4. When you see a man grovel and insult himself to get a woman’s forgiveness, take three shots.
5. If someone says “You Go Girl,” take eight shots.
6. If something really evil shown on screen happened to you, drink the bottle and try to backflip down a staircase.

You all win if one of you is still standing after twenty minutes. Ten if you are watching Lifetime.

Do not count time in commercials.

[Image: tumblr_m6fy4sei7I1qd4fu6o1_500.jpg]


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