To compete with the Gentlemen’s Club and expand NCFM’s reach, I am starting a group called KSU Men. To become a student organization, I need to have 15 signatures, student IDs, the backing of a student advisor and the approval of a board. Still wandering in the fog on this one. So far, I made a poster to advertise the group and made a few phone calls to learn about relevant policies.

May 31

I interview Paul Elam on starting a men’s group, and ask him some side questions about the MHRM as a whole.

July 8 17:15 GMT-5

Spoke to NCFM Campus Coordinator Chris Thompson for advising. He suggested targeting fraternities for signatures, and offered me the following links on the kind of backlash to expect. It documents his own harsh experiences out in the world. [1][2][3]

August 1 18:43 GMT-5

Drafted a constitution derived from Chris Thompson’s chapter bylaws and collected all needed documentation from KSU to start obtaining signatures.

August 13

I got some posters up asking for volunteers to act as officers, and wandered around “The Cubes,” a set of cubicles where student organizations work.

August 21-26th

Spent time learning more about campus policies and what I need to get this bullshit done.

August 29 15:52 GMT-5

Met with a faculty member and learned about setting up a table to promote the group. Listen to the recording here.

September 2 08:45 GMT-5

Started conversation about good use of a table on the AVFM forums.

September 16 9:34 AM GMT-5

Started fundraiser for KSU Men promo on A Voice For Men.

September 16 4:40 PM GMT-5

Fundraiser goal reached. Thank you!

September 24

All materials for table obtained.

September 28 9:00 AM GMT-5

KSUM Table promo hosted in front of the Commons on Kennesaw State University. Response was positive.

October 4

Published available officer positions on KSU Men’s blog.


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