I. Am. Not. A. Rapist.

Are you a woman? Cool. I might want to fuck you.

Stop screaming. Jesus.

I’m not going to fuck you. I don’t fuck anyone without permission, because no part of me endorses rape. But guess what? I still might want to fuck you, especially if you have bulbous tits, a wasp waist and an heart-shaped ass that looks like its smiling. As a heterosexual, I am programmed to slide my cock balls-deep into vaginas to help ensure the survival of our species. It’s how I was born, and I can’t help it. If that makes you uncomfortable, that is your problem, not mine.

Men are not evil sperm pumps who wonder how to enslave women to a lifetime of prostate milking. If you think they are, the smart, self-respecting good men who won’t have any of that will disassociate themselves from you, leaving only gullible gynophiliacs, permanently erect basement slugs and, yes, sexual criminals. Self-fulfilling prophecies aren’t always fun, are they?

Misandrists and gullible feminists: Pull your heads out of your asses, stop being so goddamn paranoid, and try treating men like human beings. Maybe then you’ll find “the good ones.”


One thought on “I. Am. Not. A. Rapist.”

  1. I not a rapist either. Women are fine but as a gay man I have no desire to have sex nor rape them (women)- nor rape anyone for that matter. Any woman that fears a gay man will rape or try to have sex with them is a delusional ass wipe in need of serious therapy. Ever considered having a lobotomy femmies?

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