The Gentlemen’s Club


Feb. 20, 19:00 GMT-5

Attended men-only event on Kennesaw State University called the Gentlemen’s Club hosted by a Dr. Faust and a Dr. Griggs. Flyer advertises group as follows: “What does it mean to be a man? Join us as we explore the challenges that all men must face.” Only three people were present, including myself.

I was expecting a scolding on how shameful it is to be male, but was pleasantly surprised to find that Faust seems genuinely concerned about men and boys. The meeting was recorded, and you can play the AMR file with VLC Media Player.

Key Times

6:57 – Dr. Faust shares credentials.
7:40 – Dr. Faust mentions vision of a men’s center.
9:06 – Dr. Faust shares his perspective on men.
26:09 – I talk a bit about masculinity. I only mention this to give you an idea about what I was allowed to say.
33:12 – The best thing ever.
34:55 – I tell Dr. Faust about U of T.
1:02:15 – Quote Dr. Faust:

[We will be] a group of guys who will get together and talk about real issues that we face everyday. We can’t do it out there. There’s people out there who don’t understand. They humiliate us. They talk about us. They embarrass us. That will never happen in this particular safe environment. [I want to] create an environment where people can be themselves. That’s all we’re asking for. It’s not complicated!

Faust pulls me aside after the meeting to talk more. I offered him contact info for AVFM in the event he wanted to have a platform. He invites me to meet him and Griggs the following month in a follow-up email.

It is good to hear from you and to meet you at the Gentlemen’s Club meeting on February 20th. Your interest in men’s issues is very evident and appreciated. [redacted] Griggs and I co-lead this men’s group effort in CPS at KSU. We would like to meet with you to discuss in more detail your interests in men’s issues, and in particular, your interest in forming a men’s group at KSU.

Feb 27 16:24 GMT-5

I ask MHRAs in AVFM to share questions they would like me to take to Faust and Griggs.

Mar. 11 18:00 GMT-5

I met with Faust and Griggs, and was not allowed to record that meeting. I talk about my experience with the meeting in a youtube video.

It turned out that Faust did not need help forming a new men’s group, which was suggested in the quoted email. Faust saw men as “broken” and in need of fixing. The definitions of “broken” and “fixed” were not clarified when I asked. The Gentlemen’s Club also did not allow members to discuss group topics with one another outside of the group. This is a step beyond prohibiting members from sharing group information with strangers, which would have been reasonable. Dr. Faust and Dr. Griggs wanted to supervise all intermember communication, enforceable by signed contract.

TGC turned hostile against AVFM. Faust saw it as a militant group. Ironically, Faust wanted to emulate Dr. Miles Groth, who wrote for AVFM. I suspect Faust was uncomfortable with AVFM’s tone, even though their core philosophies are similar.

I decided to compete with my own men’s group, since TGC seemed harmful. I dropped contact.


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