Anonymous YT Videos – A tutorial for the Impatient


Siddown and shaddup.

Wait, don’t shaddup. You want your voices heard, right?

I am going to teach you all how to record an audio rant and publish it
on YouTube, without showing your face. Some MHRAs have
things to say, but cannot risk others knowing their identity for reasons relating to their career or social circle.

We will make a YouTube-friendly audio recording with a still image to hide your shameful, patriarchal pig mug. No webcam required, just a microphone.

These directions were written using a Windows 7 system. If these
directions do not work for you, tell me your OS and the software you want to use (including version, if you know it), and I may write a new set of directions.

To keep things brief, the tools used and their configurations are decided for you. If you have questions, just ask.

How to make a anonymous YouTube video

First things first, make sure you have a Google Account that is not too intimately tied with your real identity. This is the account you will use to log in to YouTube and upload videos.

1. Download or make an 854×480 image you want to put on your video. Here’s a fallback if you want to promote AVFM in your video.

2. Grab Windows Movie Maker (WMM).

3. Open WMM and drag your image onto the window.


4. Click “Record Narration”


5. Hit “Record”


6. Say your piece, then stop recording. You will be asked to save the file. Go ahead and place the recording wherever. It should be added to the project. You can see it as a brown scope under a video thumbnail (shown below).


7. Click “Project” and then “Fit to Music”. Also click “Widescreen” while you are there. If “Fit to music” is grayed out, try clicking that brown audio scope and hit the “Delete” key. Then, drag the file you saved in the last step back onto your video. Fit to Music should then become clickable.

8. Click the file menu, expand “Save Movie” and click “YouTube”.


9. Go to YouTube, sign into your account and upload your file.
10. Share it!

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